Rest in Peace Inspector Gadget

A life of a beautiful hound

Dr. Gabriella Korosi
3 min readOct 22, 2022


Inspector Gadget and Chief Quimby photo by Gabriella

Yesterday was a hard day. Your memory will prevail. You are missed my dear hound. I will miss seeing you around. Gadget my love may you rest in peace.

This is my favorite photo above of our two retired rescue hounds. Now we have no hounds anymore. This morning when I got up I looked at the bed and my mind tricked me for a second. My memory of yesterday jumped into place when he was still there. I saw it just for a split second. Then the empty dog bed. Reality hit. Yes, it is real, he is simply no more in this realm.

Last year we lost a friend Chief Quimby the most beautiful light fawn-colored hound. She liked to sing to us on the back porch. I miss her. She was loving and energetic and when we got her she thought the orange cat was her puppy we found out later that she recently had puppies that we did not know about. It was a hard loss, she was suffering, in pain, crying stopped eating, and lost weight we had to make the call. We tried medication, comfort, sit up hours at the night with her with no relief. It is not an easy call to make. You love your animals, yet you don’t want them to suffer. I remember her pacing the house at night, she could not get comfortable. We knew it is time.

For me, it helps if you have other animals when one passes it eases the pain. We also lost our beloved cat Jasper about six months ago.

Jasper being comfortable photo by Gabriella

We lost Quimby and we had Gadget our other hound and Tappancs our Italian sheepdog. Rescued greyhounds don’t live a long life, they usually get injuries with their run, trauma and they are prone to cancers. We lost another hound before Quimby to cancer as well. I don’t want to see my animals in pain.

Gadget moved out of the house for the summer, and we only saw him outside he just decided to be an outside dog for the summer. He just started to come in occasionally as the nights were getting colder and hopes of rain flickered in the sky. We have been noticing for a few months that he started to move harder, did not want…



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