Gabriella is an author, a writer, a blogger, a public health professional, a nurse and a Reiki Master. Gabriella has a Masters Degree in Nursing and a Doctorate Degree in Public Health Community Health.

Gabriella has a experience in variety of nursing areas including addictions, mental health, nephrology, cardiology, clinic nursing and community health nursing. Gabriella has teaching experience with nursing, in group settings and with individual patients.

Gabriella likes to garden, enjoy picking and eating what she can grow. Gabriella loves trees and being out in nature. Gabriella’s interests are creating love and joy in people’s lives, reconnecting with nature and everything around us. Gabriella loves to write and interview people about their experiences in life. Gabriella likes to cook and create new recipes.

Gabriella writes on Medium ,Newsbreak, Quora, Substack, and on Vocal Media. Gabriella is present on You Tube.

My website Support my work at My books: Our Society: Addiction and More Uncovered: Hear the voice of everyday people — collection of stories and experiences If I could Be: Poetry and Short Story Book available on Amazon / Barnes and Nobles:

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